Entry #9

August 9, 2018 Tomorrow is my eldest’s fourth birthday. This is probably the first time I haven’t forced a smiled in a picture since my dad’s death ten weeks ago. Growing up, birthdays were filled with disappointment and tears. Not because I didn’t get the gifts I wanted, but having to deal with friends being … More Entry #9

Entry #2

June 5th, 2018 It finally happened. Last night, Jenny(my wife) gave me a gift that finally caused me to cry and sob. I jokingly told her the week before that I did not have a stuffed animal to cuddle with. She gave me this teddy and upon receiving it, I was reminded of one of … More Entry #2

The Unspoken Reality of Nursery Rhymes 

One of my favorite activities as a daddy is Saturday mornings with my daughters. It is my job to wake up with the girls on the weekends, which is spent reading books, cuddling on the couch, playing on the floor, and their latest obsession: singing and dancing to nursery rhymes. The ones we often watch are ones performed by and sung by people who have learned English as a second language, sung by talking animals, or adults wearing costumes meant for children.
I remember singing and dancing to the same songs, but now as an adult, the reality of these songs have left an unsettling feeling in my parental gut. The following ten thoughts came to me as I listened to the following songs for the 5,894,333 (a rough estimate) time.  … More The Unspoken Reality of Nursery Rhymes