Broken, Bruised, and Being Made New (Act 2)

Last night, I shared the painful story that began my family’s hiatus from attending church. In this second part or act, I explain how my wife and I started to and continue to heal. The second act within stories is considered by many to be the most challenging ones. In the first act, the setting is taking shape, our characters are introduced, and the conflict is established. In the second act, our characters encounter a variety of obstacles (internally or externally or both) that prevent them from resolving the conflict. Little did I know that the second act of our story, would be unlike any story I had encountered. … More Broken, Bruised, and Being Made New (Act 2)


Broken, Bruised, and Being Made New (Act 1)

Church. Many of us have positive and negative feelings attached to this word. In the next three days, I’m sharing our story of how we found healing through a hiatus from attending on Sunday mornings. This isn’t meant to bash any church, beliefs, or group of people, because we are all broken creatures who are continually hurting and healing. Instead, I would hope it encourages and challenges all of us in and outside of the Church. … More Broken, Bruised, and Being Made New (Act 1)