Resurrection (an Easter reflection)


No matter how much death, pain, trial, sickness, failure, or toil you have in your life, there is always resurrection. Like a withered tree in spring, there is always life after death. You will have days where you are hung on a cross, but the same mighty power that rose Him from the grave, will do the same for you.

It may or may not happen in your lifetime, but He is faithful and true, therefore we can place our trust and hope in him and his promises. We have died with him, therefore we have been resurrected with him. Jesus lives and so shall we! We can join in with His beloved bride in saying: “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.”

Do not simply dwell on the blood stained cross, or the tomb with the stone rolled away, but cast your gaze to the One who is ever present and taking all of your circumstances. Scars and victories and using it all to make you more like him and less like yourself because of his boundless and limitless love for you!

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