A Simple Remedy For The Summer Blues

I was asked by the church I have been interning at this summer to write out one lesson I have gained in my short amount of time in Texas. I also have finally put together a compilation of what has happened since my arrival in Texas and will be sharing soon some very exciting news about what’s in store for me. Please stay tuned and pray with me for wisdom, clarity and boldness. -paz


When Jed asked me to write one thing about the past 6 months of my time at Restoration, the first thing that came to my mind was something about the humidity. A quick disclaimer, I was born, raised, and gained an immunity of dry heat in Arizona and lived there for 25 years of my life until May 17th, 2011. That’s when I boarded a one-way flight with two suitcases to Dallas to begin my studies for pastoral ministry. The night before I left, during an emotional farewell party with many of my friends and family, there were frequent moments when someone pulled me aside and asked what I was expecting to happen. I replied something along the lines of “I don’t know. I hear it’s really humid.”

In all seriousness, these 15 months of being in Dallas and 7 at Restoration has been the most difficult and rewarding ones that I have encountered in my young life. I’m not just talking about the unbearable summer weather. I’ve seen and personally experienced God’s healing hands, seen doors of ministry close and open, cried out loud on my way home from school or as I tried to fall asleep, lost friends and gained new ones. It is easy to think that because of massive amounts of change, brokenness, frustration, uncertainty in my life and the circumstances surrounding me that God has changed in the way he treats me or abandoned me. I’ve been there many times before. I have wondered where is God in the middle of the chaos that has taken place since I moved out here. Yet, in all these moments, God has not left me nor has he changed.

A powerful passage that I have constantly returned to and held onto in this time comes from 2 Timothy 2:13: “If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.”

I think that this is a passage we simply read over and don’t let it sink in. Think about it.

When we get fired from our job and wonder why God allowed it to happen, He is faithful.

When we are getting older and wondering why we haven’t gotten married yet, He is faithful.

When we wonder if investing in part of a small church plant is worth the time and energy, He is faithful.

When we begin to lose hope that an unbelieving family member seems to drift farther away from Jesus, He is faithful.

When we board an airplane to an unknown destination without knowing a single person, He is faithful.

This is something I need to be reminded of over and over again, even when I shake my fist at the heavens, or celebrate God’s goodness in my life, He is faithful. Let us hold on to this truth tightly in our times of uncertainty and change, the Lord is faithful in all seasons of life. His faithfulness is not dependent upon our moods or situations, but it is 100% based off his character and not our sinfulness.

As your pastoral intern for this summer, I am excited to be a part of the ongoing work that the Lord is doing at Restoration. Let us all continue to be rooted in this truth, not just with our minds but in our hearts and actions as well. We may or may not see the fruit of his faithfulness in our lifetimes, but in the moments where we do, write it down, praise Him for it, share the stories with others.

This is (along with plenty of water) one of the best remedies for dealing with the humidity: He is faithful, even when we are not.

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